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in Tartu, 7 - 9 April

Come with us and discover an incredible world not so far away.


On the need to promote what is beautiful, lively.. Polish

Polish Culture Days hosted by the University of Tartu is a three-day event with lectures, workshops and many other ways to discover Polish culture. We will engage in 12+ activity blocks, across 3 days - learn about Polish Easter, superstitions and on how to plan a journey through Poland on lectures. Paint Easter eggs, dance and sing traditional Polish dances and songs or if you're interested in cooking specifically - we will create dumplings in workshops. Many of our activities are totally free to participate and thanks to a partnership with Tartu Toy Museum we will be able to create family friendly workshops on Sunday. That's a lot! We've made it easy for you to find and add any event you might find interesting into your schedule (visit event list on facebook).

Activities, workshops, lectures will be run by visiting lecturers from University of Silesia, our own Joanna Dobosz and members of the Polish community in Tartu. We are passionate about both Polish and Estonian culture and we can't wait to bring some of the sounds and tastes of home for you to enjoy! we hope there will be many who listen, so we can share and experience it all together.

In case of any questions, problems or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Want to meet the (f)aces behind everything?

Joanna Dagmara Dobosz

Organisator, Lecturer.

Polish language teacher at the University of Tartu. Polonist by education, Silesian from origin - weaving Silesian dialect and traditions of the region into Estonian daily life. A travel and coffee lover.
Responsible for organizing events, workshops and lectures.

Agnieszka Madeja

Visiting Lecturer from Poland.

Humanities PhD, professor at the School of Polish Language and Culture of the Silesian University, head of the summer school of language, literature and Polish culture. Since 1998 she has been teaching Polish as a foreign language at various levels. 

Karolina Graboń

Visiting Lecturer from Poland.

A graduate of Polish philology with a specialization in Polish in the world, a teacher at the School of Polish Language and Culture. Interested in teaching foreign languages and issues related to speech therapy and voice emission.

Marta Perlikiewicz
Tomasz Jagiela

Artists from Tartu

Polish, Tartu based artists of which Marta creates beautiful sewed pieces and Tomasz sculpts. Their work will be featured at upcoming exhibition.

Agnieszka Kunz

Culture expert, guide.

Living and working in Estonia and loving it. But still Polish at heart and soul. Working in Estonian Printing Museum, Annelinna Children Centre and Tartu Pseudo Tours. Always dedicated to doing everything that's creative and enriching.

Patryk Jarzębski

Graphic designer

Graphic designer with a lot of interests related to Polish culture, loves traditional Polish fairy tales and people cultivating regional dialects in everyday life. Responsible for the website, fanpage and appearance of everything. 

Where and when?

Comprehensive guide to everything. Links to facebook events.

Friday 07.04

18:00 Opening of two exhibitions: "Polish Artists in Tartu" and "From Visegrad to Visegrad" - University of Tartu Lossi 3 - Free for everyone and held in English and Polish. Exhibitions will be open for visitors until the end of April 2017. There will be an exhibition of handmade dolls by Marta Perlikiewicz as well as sculptures by Tomasz Jagieła. Thanks to the Polish Embassy in Tallinn, it will be possible to visit the poster exhibition "From Visegrad to Visegrad", which will stay open for a whole month at the UT College of Foreign Languages and Cultures. The exhibition was made to celebrate the Polish presidency in the Visegrad Group (also known as the "Visegrad Four" or simply "V4"). Members of the V4 include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Each year one of the members holds presidency which is a unique opportunity to lead all four members in terms of regional cooperation and integration in the European Union.

20:00 Polish Movie Club Meeting - Lossi 3-222 - Let's discuss Polish cinema! And there is so much to say about posters, history and new accomplishments of Polish cinematography! Free for everyone and held in English and Polish. 

Saturday 08.04

12:00 Why is Polish Easter so unique? - Lossi 3-222 - Lecture - We start off the day of lectures with oone of the most relevant topics - one about the upcoming Easter! It's a big thing in Poland and there is a lot to tell. Free for everyone so just come and exchange experiences! Lecture will be held in Polish and English.

13:00 "Późne śniadanie" Vegan brunch by Göök - Gengöök Lai 37 - Something really special! Thanks to great people from Göök we will have an opportunity to taste Polish inspired delicacies! Menu will be available soon! 5-10€ price range.

14:00 Songs and dances of Poland - Workshops - Genialistide Klubi Lai 37 - Let's learn some traditional Polish dances! We will discover Mazurek, Kujawiak and other traditional dances and some older, and more modern songs. Humming along allowed. Free for everyone interested. Event will be held in English and Polish.

15:00 Polish (fun) Language Lesson - Lossi 3-222 - In Poland we are proud of our language as it is understood to be one of more difficult to learn. Looking for a challenge? Join us in the exhibition of language! Free for everyone interested.

Event will be held in English and Polish.

16:00 Journey Through Poland - Lossi 3-222 - Lecture - We have a lot of great places to visit and things to see in Poland, let's explore some of them while at the same time plan our own journey to Poland.  Free for everyone interested.

Event will be held in English and Polish.

18:00 Polish Superstitions - Lossi 3-222 - Lecture - We have quite a lot of superstitions, sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around them. Should salt be thrown behind the right or left shoulder? I don't... Yeah! Let's meet and talk about that! Free for everyone interested. Event will be held in English and Polish.

Sunday 09.04

11:00 Creating Easter Eggs - Tartu Toy Museum Lutsu 8 - Workshops - We will do cool things with eggs, because no Easter egg should be left unpainted, uncut-out or just uncolored. And that's what we will do - paint! Admission fee included in the price of the museum ticket (4-5 euros). Event will be held in English, Polish, Estonian.

14:00 Making Dumplings - Tartu Toy Museum Lutsu 8 - Workshops - Hungry? We really like our dumplings in Poland - they are eaten with almost everything, and stuffed with almost everything. But there are certain traditional ways to create a delicious dumplings. Do you want to know how? It's a kind of magic. Admission fee included in the price of the museum ticket (4-5 euros). Event will be held in English, Polish, Estonian and Russian.

16:00 Guided Tour of Polish Trails in Tartu - Kissing Students Fountain - We will be happy to take you on the wonderful journey of everything Polish in Tartu - rediscover your city! Free for everyone interested. Event will be held in English.

ALL DAY - Geocaching Game of Polish Trails in Tartu - We are preparing a geocaching game for everyone too! Details will be posted on thr Facebook event page one day before the event. Free to participate, English language is a must. Some Polish will help as well.

Thanks to great people from Dron Photo PL for allowing us to use their work in our project! Visit them and show them some love!   


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